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Traurednerin Daniela Geppert

That's me

My name is Dani.

I love talking, creating things, and meeting new people. 

Almost two years ago I moved to the southwest of Portugal into a cute little village on the side of a hill. I love the slow, Portuguese life and enjoy being close to nature and the ocean. As an outdoorsy person, I love feeling the sand between my toes, paddling into the waves and enjoying the sunset with friends. 

Initially, I came to Portugal for the sun and the sea, two things I love very much and which make me infinitely happy.

But over time, another thing convinced me to stay: love.

I first fell in love with the rocky coasts and the good food and eventually met my partner here. The sun, the sea and love.

Sol, mar e amor.

These elements enrich my life and make me happy, and I’m excited to share them with you. With your ceremonial wedding in Portugal, you can experience an unforgettable day and the perfect start to your new life together.

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Let’s celebrate the sun, the sea and love together and make your wedding a unique experience.